Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Unseen Country (review) by Phillip W Simpson

The Unseen Country 

The Unseen Country
By Phillip W. Simpson

Arete Publishing
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 Summary:  "Two years ago, Tom’s younger brother, Josh was kidnapped. Josh has been missing ever since. Tom saw who took him. Problem is – nobody believes him. In fact, most people think he’s mad. That’s because Josh was taken by creatures who aren’t meant to exist. Creatures from another realm - fairy creatures that only Tom can see.

In the fairy realm known as the Unseen Country, Flynn, an apprentice fairy (who is in danger of failing), stumbles upon a conspiracy that could mean the downfall of both worlds.

Together, the friendless boy and the fairy who can’t fly need to rescue a boy from a fate worse than death. And save both worlds from something even worse." 

Review:  First off, I would like to thank the author for offering a copy of his book to my, through a read and review program here on Goodreads.

This was a fun yet dark fairy-tale fantasy adventure. Years after Tom's brother was kidnapped, Tom once again sees one of the creatures kidnap another young girl. He soon finds himself surrounded by various fairy creatures as he learns he isn't going crazy as others think. He finds himself in another realm, called the Unseen filled with Seelies (good fairy creatures) and Unseelies (the evil counterparts). The Counciliator is a special being who is in charge of the balance of power but has been kidnapped and Toma and his new friends Have 48 hours to save him.

This book is fast paced, right from the start. It puts you right into the story. We meet a lot of magical creatures here. Trolls, brownies, pixies and more. We have three main villains we are introduced to: Red Cap, Black Annie and Baba Yaba. These three enjoy kidnapping children to eat. Baba Yaba and Rep cap are very well described from legend. I applaud the author for his use of them in this story. Black Annie, being from an urban legend, does not formally fit the fairy creature use but being she was rumored to eat children it works. She, in particular is well described and creepy. The skulls in her long black hair that moves to her will. The sharp clawed fingers...I loved how she was portrayed

While I did enjoy the story I saw so much editing that was still needed. Also, lots of repetition throughout the book. Also, timelines often do not seem consistent.

Yet, in spite of those flaws, the story was a lot of fun to read. The author has a great imagination and story telling ability.


  1. This book sounds great!! I mainly love mystery but fantasy interests me too! I love to imagine there are more things than just us in this world ;) sounds like a great read!! I'll have to check it out!


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