Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Safe from the Past (review)

Safe from the Past by Patricia Miller Mauro 

 Title: Safe from the Past
Author: Patricia Miller Mauro
  The P3 Press
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Summary: "A kidnapping, the divorce of her parents, the loss of her father, temporary abandonment and extreme poverty are just some of the issues the author dealt with as a young child.

Her mother finally tells her she must go to college so she can break out of this cycle of poverty and hopelessness. But how can she when she has no money and absolutely no confidence or self esteem?

Read this true story to discover what hope, faith and determination can do to change a life."
Review:  This was a great book to read. This story covers the college years of Patricia Miller Mauro as she struggles to make end meet, help her family and better her future. From a life of poverty to an abusive stepfather and drunken mother. Young Patti struggles to get through school and help her mother and younger sister.

I loved the how the author describes the different situations she came across. They were very honestly portrayed. You can really get a good feel for what she went through. You can empathize with each struggle-emotionally, mentally and spiritually. From scrapping food from cafeteria leftovers, to praying for others compassion. Each trial has you yearning more and more for her success.

This was a short read at only 138 pages but each chapter was filled with heart-felt moments. The writing was easy and enjoyable to follow. Once I got into the book, I could not put it down until I had finished.

*Per FTC Guidelines-I received this book as a Free copy from the Goodreads First Reads. Thank you Patricia Miller Mauro for sharing your experiences and offering up a free copy of your book. 


  1. It sounds like this was a quick read with a character that was very relatable.

    1. It was. Nice is short but very deep. My heart goes out the the author for this one.

  2. quick reads have their place but I hate it when it's really good and it's over too soon!


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