Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Task It Tuesday-Far from Successful.

Task it Tuesday

   What a terrible two weeks on my tasks!  Well, at least those that are here.  Work was busier than expected when unwanted follow-up legal drama that still needs to be resolved (GRRR...) Plus medical family issues arose. I did however, get a really good overhaul clean done on the house.  But still lots to do.  And hardly anything blog related.  I try to write reviews but they all sound horrible. I think I am going to be writing mostly shorter reviews for awhile.  They may not be very exact but hopefully enough to get across what I thought of a book.

Blue is what I have completed

Altercations or notes are in Purple This list will be refreshed at the beginning of each month.

Blogging or Book related

  1.  Write/post 10 reviews Due June 28th  2 out of 10
  2.  Finish getting Archive, Genres and Guest Interview pages up to date Due June 7th Progress
  3. Catalog All my physical books.    Due Aug 30th
  4.  Respond to all Blog Comments for 2016 Due June 14th
  5. Responding to all comments made prior to 2016 Due June 28th
  6. Write 3 discussion or topic based posts Due June 28th 1 done
  7. Catch up on Challenge links Due June 7th Progress
  8.  Participate in a Giveaway Hop Due June 28th
  9. Sort and Organize my Goodreads shelves Due June 28th
  10.  Organize Manga bookcases Due June 7th
  11.  Go back and add links to all edelweiss reviews. Due June28th
  12. Participate in at least 2 Top Ten Tuesdays Due June 28th 
  13. Participate in at least 2 Stacking the Shelves  Due June 28th Did one!
  14.  Clean up Twitter Accounts I follow Due June 28th
  15. Clean if Facebook pages I follow Due June 28th Progress
  16. Clean up GFC blogs I follow Due July 30th
  17. Clean up Bloglovin Accounts I follow Due July 30th
  18.  Go through and properly tag all posts Due July 30th
  19.  Get review posts on Pinterest Due July 15th
  20. Check out Edelweiss and Netgalley for new titles I must request Due June 7th 
  21. Take bag of books to used bookstore.  Due June 14th

Real Life
  1.  List All console video games Due June 28th
  2. List & Organize All PC games Due July 15th
  3. List All DVDs Due June 28th
  4.  Go through all vhs tapes (I still have over 500!) and get rid of those I do not LOVE or cannot replace--make a list of those I want for dvd. Due June 14th
  5.  Watch any VHS I have but have never seen to then list for dvd or get rid of  Due Aug 30th
  6.  Clean all other blinds/windows in the house Due June 14th
  7.  Clean car-inside and out Due June 7th
  8.  Thoroughly clean laundry, washer/dryer machines and surrounding area to have proper laundry station in basement (our washing area is in an unfinished basement so it gets messy with dust/dirt fast!) Due June14th
  9. Clean, organize and sort basement pantry/storage area Due June 7th
  10. Organize main food pantry Due June 7th
  11. Clean outdoor basement stairwell and surrounding area.  Due June 7th
  12. Trimboard bathroom, create step and paint ceiling Due June 28th
  13. Organize & clean out Bathroom cabinets and Shelves.  Due June 7th  
  14. Go through online bookmarks/favorites. Categorize and clean up Due June 28th
  15. Go through items in the loft. Find homes or get rid of items as needed/possible. Due June 28th
  16. Trim Grass around trees and fence edges (Huge project as it is a 1/2 acre lot) Due June 28th
  17. Weed out flower bed Due June14th
  18.  Sand and Paint Front Porch Due June 28th
  19. Make Appt and see Dentist Due June 28th 
  20. Dump Run Due June 28th
  21. Recycling Run Due June 28th
  22. Write letter and send June OTSPsecretsister package. Due June 21st


  1. I think you need to cut yourself some slack, though, because these are tasks ON TOP of having a job, caring for family, all the little things that keep you and your house and family alive and happy, sleep, etc. There's only so many hours (er, of consciousness) in the day. PLUS, of course, reading time. :)
    And if it helps, I'm behind on cleaning up my blog (and everything else), too.


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