Friday, June 17, 2016

5 Fandom Friday- Gateway Fandoms and Geeky Wardrobes!

I originally kept seeing this meme on Beth's blog Printcess and have enjoyed her posts on it so I decided to track down the origin, over at The Nerdy Girlie. It has been going on for nearly 3 years.  How did I never see this before?!  So I have to throw it out there.  I am way behind so I am starting with the oldest posts and working my way forward until I catch up.  Some weeks topics I might skip if I am less interested or they don't apply to me.  Other times I might to two, if they are short and quick.

SO, lets start this off with:

Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today 

 1. Star Wars- 

 Image result for star wars

Starting with the original trilogy, then the young Jedi knights series, then theories on the prequels and what the concept of movies 7-9, to my first experiences reading fanfiction.  I collected the figurines, even exploring yard sales and flea Markets for "Vintage" action figures from the late 70s when the moves first started to come out.  When the Phantom Menace came out I collected the Pepsi cans with the characters.  Had ot have them all.  The book had multiple covers.  Had to have them all too.  It was insane for many years.  I have since slimmed the collection back No more saving empty shampoo bottles or pepsi cans, lol) but I still have some action figures and I still work to collect the books but I do not obsess at keeping up with them like I used to.


2. Sweet Valley

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This is what I blame for my love of series' and the start of my book collecting.  From Sweet Valley Twins, High and University. I read them all.  I watched the TV show (however poor it was) and even had the board game!  I loved these two opposites.  Maybe because identical twins fascinated me.  Maybe because theirs names were two of my favorites growing up and I used to wish I was either one of them.  Regardless, I collected these books like crazy from late elementary through early high school.  I still have many of them and honesly how to read the ones I missed or re-read the ones I don't remember.  Just for old-times sake. 


3.  Harry Potter

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 I was oblivious to this series at first.  It was actually an friend who was reading The Prisoner of Azkaban and was attempting to describe a Dementor to me that I first learned of the books existence.  A few weeks later I had the first book in my hands.  I read it within a day.  Over that summer I read it many more times plus caught up on the next two books, up the the current release.  From then on I bought each book the day of it's release.  Until this point, I had never done that with a book.  Movies were always seen opening weekend (usually the first midnight showing unless I had work).  This was how I really got into fanfiction.  While Star Wars was my first I had no idea what it actually was until Harry Potter.  This is how I got into fandom deserts and treats as well. 


4. Anime 


It all started in Middle School with Pokemon and Gundam Wing.  Then Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Slayers, Miyazaki films, etc.  From watching the shows to "Claiming" character and even argusing over best characters. Creating our out crazy voice overs based on expressions and what was going on (this ended up with weird but funny interpretations).   Collecting Pokemon cards, Dressign up in cosplay, having the best Wall scrolls of your firends, etc. It was a crazy fad.  Still is to a point.  I still love anime.  It also led me to manga.


5. Dragons


Not a very specific fandom (even less so than anime) but these Mythical creature have always been a love.  From Smaug in Lord of the Rings, to the cartoon movie Flight of Dragons.  As a young child I was nearly obsessed.  Memorize charts, tables and facts about them from the first edition D&D books.  This led to my love of Fantasy and my interest in magic.  From books, movies, to figurines and even video games (Spyro!) if I saw a dragon, I wanted it!  I read books on the history of them, where the lore originated.  If there was a movie with  dragon, I would watch it.  It was my "given" even more than Star Wars ever was.  And I still love these Beasts to this day.



 Topic #2

Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet

This I will keep short and sweet and based on my current mood I want: 



 Interesting combination

 Pac-Man Hoodie 

TRON Inspired Full Skirt by GoChaseRabbits on Etsy 




  1. My gateway fandoms were Twin Peaks, X-Files and Buffy. Does that show my age?!
    As for geeky wardrobe, would someone like to buy me this Fairytale Book Dress? It's so beautiful!

    Stephanie Jane @ Literary Flits

  2. Star Wars is one of my gateway fandoms too! My older brother and my father were huge Star Wars fans, so that got me hooked.

  3. I grew up with HP and I love Star Wars!! Oh and that dress is <3!

  4. Yay! Welcome to the party! Catching up from the first is a great idea- I might have to do that, too. ;)
    Sorry for forgetting to put the link back to the Google Community in there! Sometimes I'm rushing it and forget, for weeks. But I'm glad you found it with some sleuthing. And I had a similar experience with Harry Potter, and anime. I remember Sweet Valley! I was more of a Babysitter's Club gal, myself (I love an ensemble cast- fascinated by group dynamics, I suppose), but I also went through school alongside four sets of twins, so it wasn't as much of a curiosity for me.
    It wouldn't work for my body type, but I love that fairytale sheath dress (and the shrug with it)! Great find. :)

  5. I was late to the party as well with Harry Potter!!

  6. HP was definitely my gateway fandom, even before I knew what a fandom was haha. I reread the books so many times as a kid (and, um, this year)!

  7. I love Sailor Moon! Did you see the new episodes? I love that they produced new ones :)


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