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Th Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (review)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, #1) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (1)
by Douglas Adams
Genre(s): Humor, Sci-fi
Pages: 216
Published: Originally published 1979
Publisher: Del Rey Books and Pocket Books (depending on edition) 
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Official Summary: 
 "Seconds before the Earth is demolished to make way for a galactic freeway, Arthur Dent is plucked off the planet by his friend Ford Prefect, a researcher for the revised edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy who, for the last fifteen years, has been posing as an out-of-work actor.

Together this dynamic pair begin a journey through space aided by quotes from The Hitchhiker's Guide ("A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have") and a galaxy-full of fellow travelers: Zaphod Beeblebrox--the two-headed, three-armed ex-hippie and totally out-to-lunch president of the galaxy; Trillian, Zaphod's girlfriend (formally Tricia McMillan), whom Arthur tried to pick up at a cocktail party once upon a time zone; Marvin, a paranoid, brilliant, and chronically depressed robot; Veet Voojagig, a former graduate student who is obsessed with the disappearance of all the ballpoint pens he bought over the years."
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This has to be the most random, ridiculous yet entirely amusing novel I have ever read! Eccentric and bizarre are just a few ways this book can be described. if you are looking for a serious space opera novel, go elsewhere. This is anything but.

The book it told from what I guess you could say, is a Galactic standpoint. It in part tells the adventure of the human Arthur, his friend Ford, a nutcase president, a depressed robot and other cast members. Yet it also focused on a guidebook and sharing it with us, the readers.

While there is some plot, much of the book is random happenings and strange excerpts we get from the guidebook. And, yes to those who do not know this, the title of this book is the same as the guide within. Just to add to the irony.

Here are just a few lines you can find within this book:

“We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!”
“This must be Thursday,' said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. 'I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”
“Would it save you a lot of time if I just gave up and went mad now?”
“If there's anything more important than my ego around, I want it caught and shot now.”

It is impossible to know what will happen next. Some parts are just worthy of an eye-roll others had my literally laughing out loud. A sense of humor is a must for this book.

If you like books that are always logical, straightforward or realistic only then this book is not for you. If you like random, oddities, and a quirky sense of humor then you need to read this.


  1. haven't read this; the quotes sound funny

  2. A friend recommended this book to me, and the movie is as fun as the book! Have you watched it?

  3. So, many people I know loved reading this novel... Unfortunately, I didn't like it all when I read it a few years ago. It was just too strange.

  4. I really hated this book and it was a DNF! I found it weird.

  5. My dad made me read this as a little kid, and I'm glad he did! I thought it was so amusing and different. It will definitely ALWAYS stick out in my mind of literature :)

  6. I've heard this book has quite the cult following!! It sounds pretty confusing but definitely worth a shot!! I mean there's a following for a reason right?! ;)

  7. I really enjoyed this book! Also, I was fortunate enough to see him at a reading for "So Long and Thanks for All of The Fish" and, while I didn't think he was a great speaker, the way he read his own book was fabulous!

  8. I have only heard good things about this book! Thanks for the review.

  9. How long has this been around? 1979. I must have read all the books about then in my sci-fi stage. It is a strange book.

    slehan at juno dot com

  10. I want to try my books myself! I have heard so many great things about it and it seems like a fun read as well. Great review!

  11. I've seen the movie so many times and always meant to read the book. A wacky ridiculous read is needed sometimes, some books take themselves too seriously lol.

    Mandy's Books and Beauty

  12. This was one of my favorites when I was a kid.


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