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Sacrificed (Book 3) by Holly McDowell (review)

King Solomon's Wives: Sacrificed 

  King Solomon's Wives: Sacrificed (3)
by Holly McDowell

Genre: Short Story/Novella, General Fiction
Published Oct 2013
Pages: 86
Publisher:Coliloquy, LLC

Summary:  "In this harrowing third episode of King Solomon’s Wives, Hunters have imprisoned Sumarra. Trapped, tortured and missing her final window to become pregnant, she must find a way out or her ancestral line will perish forever. Time and hope might just be running out.

Her rival, Dilara, is the only Wife with the knowledge and resources to rescue her. But Dilara has other pressing problems: Infighting among the clans, the reappearance of a rogue Wife long thought dead, the Hunters’ continuing attacks, and her own haunting mistake. Will Dilara be able to unite the clans and be the leader the Wives so desperately need?

Dilara has always followed and enforced the rules, but in order to save Sonya, Sumarra, and the sisterhood, she must choose to go against everything she believes, even if it means sacrificing her rank, her integrity, and her own life."
Review:  Holly McDowell has continued to bring her story of King Solomon's Wives to life in this third installment. This one was the shortest of the books so far and while I am still not thrilled with how it is put out, bit by bit, I feel this book was more well done than the previous two.

This book goes back to Sumarra from first book, Hunted. She is being held captive along with another Wife/sister and is slowly being tortured. While we do get some insight into her, I was hoping for more. Yet I liked learning what a strong, caring line she comes from. The other character we finally get some insight on is Dilara. Sumarra's clan leader. Actually, she is basically the Leader of all the sisters. While she is a caring person in one way, she is also extremely selfish and deceitful in other ways. Quick to punish others for their 'sins' yet she has a few of her own that start to close in on her. While she is a neat character to learn about, she is far, far, from my favorite.

This story starts to pull some things together from where the previous books left off in a very clean way. The story is still far from over, but I am starting to see loose ends being tightened together. Also, the editing on this book seemed to be a vast improvement from the second two. It seems the longer gap between stories paid off in a fresher book! I look forward to continuing the series! 
*I received an eArc copy of this book for review.  All Opinion expressed are mine and mine alone. 

About the Author
Holly McDowell lived in Colorado, Georgia and South Carolina before discovering the magical and inspiring city of Chicago. She can be spotted drinking glögg, searching for the world's best tapas bar and writing in coffee shops all over the windy city. King Solomon's Wives is her first novel.

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