Thursday, August 22, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge-Day 10

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

Hosted and created by Good Books and Good Wine.

This was created to learn about the blogger, fellow bloggers,etc as a community.

Day 10
How do you choose what book to read next?
Well the first thing I try to watch is deadlines, for what I promised authors or publishers.  Or what is due back to the library. 
After that,
I mixed up the series' that I am currently reading but am not up to date on, with other books for review, and new releases.  I try to read a balanced mixture from there.  I usually have 1 kindle book going, 1 paperback or hardback and 1 graphic novel going at the same time.  Sometimes the genre's a varied, other times I can go on off and get really into a certain theme.  I try to keep my review posts a little more even though.  
Once I have it narrowed down to a stack of books, I create a poll  here on my blog (see to the right) where readers vote what they want to see.  Again, deadlines can and will get priority but I want to keep happy readers. :)  Once books are voted on, I take the top 3 books I am most likely to read next and on Fridays I have TGIF weekly, where, once again, my readers help me choose.  
I may chance some of this one day, but for right now, I just have so many books to read, and even more that I do not have but still want to read.
Sometimes, if I cannot get into a book right now I might but it aside for awhile and come back to it later.  I do not DNF it (in fact it stays as 'currently reading' on Goodreads), if just means another book is more on my mine or I am struggling with the genre of choice at that moment.    

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