Wednesday, August 7, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge Day 7

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

Hosted and created by Good Books and Good Wine.

This was created to learn about the blogger, fellow bloggers,etc as a community.

Day 7  
Talk About your blogging Quirks

Hmm, being still new to blogging I am still experimenting on just about everything.  But here are a few tidbits.
  • What I do know is that I LOVE introducing new books to others.  While I love my well known authors I also love the new Debut Indie authors too.  When people see my 'stacking the shelves' a lot of people say. "I've never heard of any of these."  I want to run up to these readers with a copy and say "Here!  Read it.  Take a chance on something new!"  Sadly  most people don't seem to want that though.  They prefer to see yet another review of the same book found on 50 other blogs.  So I strive really hard to give a balance of books.  In genre, age and popularity! 

  • I LOVE getting comments and feedback.  I thrive on in.  Doesn't have to be positive so long as it is constructive.  So I take it hard when I read a book, create a review and no one says anything.  Boo. When comments get combined with a readers wanting to look into a new book I literally do a little happy dance in my chair. :)
  • I spend more time lately on other people blogs, commenting, attempting to create connections than I do on my on blog and reading combined.  Being an introvert getting into blogging and making connections seems to be very time consuming. 

All my reviews are published on Goodreads usually shortly after I finish a book.  Then, later when I am ready to post to by blog, I review and edit it as needed before I share it here.

Ultimately I am still getting my feet wet in the blogging world so things on my blog are constantly changing.  Hopefully, for the better?

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