Friday, August 16, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge-Day 9

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge

Hosted and created by Good Books and Good Wine.

This was created to learn about the blogger, fellow bloggers,etc as a community.

Day 9
Why Do You Blog about Books?
This answer should be obvious-I LOVE BOOKS!  I love both reading them and sharing them with others.  Blogging just gives me a wider reach to do so. :) 

I used to drive my family nuts by trying to convince them to read books I loved.  I got a lot of "That's nice honey, but I don't feel like reading."  I was always the odd one out in my family.  the only other major reader was my Grandmother several states away and I knew we had different reading tastes.  

My friends read some, but I don't think any quite near to the level I did but I had a bit larger reach.   

Then I started volunteering at Libraries.  That really got me going on some good book conversations with patrons.  And I learned what it is like to max out a library card due to the books the recommended to me.  I loved trading off book recommendations with others...

Then I found Goodreads!  The best site ever!  I have met so many people and authors alike on this site.  I loved finding others who loved books the way I do.  

After a couple years, I finally decided to give this blogging thing a go.  So many said it was a great way to share books.  I must agree.  Although I am still very loyal to Goodreads, Book blogs add so much personality.  And you can better show off your favorites!  

So, here I am 5 months later, still getting into this book blog business and having a blast.  Especially when someone leaves a comment saying they are going to get a book I shared or that it sparked an interest in them.  It makes me feel that my interest and passion for books means something, somwhere to someone.  Even if just for a moment.  That makes all the time I put into blogging (and sometimes it sure does seem to be a lot) worth it!


  1. I'm lucky in that both my mom and grandmother are big readers, but I don't really have any reader friends and my family isn't into YA (and I do read plenty of other things, but I don't usually feel the need to go into fangirl mode the way I do with YA novels), so blogging has been a fun way to talk to people about books!

    1. It does add a lot of fun! it is just taking me awhile to get into it. My anti-social side tries to take over sometimes so I get shy a lot with new people. Most people at work and such look at me weird since I read YA as an adult. I find the stories to be better and more engaging a lot of the time.


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