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So, this is a weekly blog post I will create that will share 3 books I have on my to-read list.  My goal is to read, or at least start, one  or more of them between today and the following Friday.  Books may be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels or anything else that might by fun or interesting to read.  I invite others to join me in reading them at some point.  I also welcome ideas for future TGIF weekly posts.  So if you have a book to share, let us know!   

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Eyes of Elisha (Chelsea Adams Series, #1) 
The Eyes of Elisha

Book Summary:"The murder was ugly.The killer was sure no one saw him.Someone did.In a horrifying vision, Chelsea Adams has relived the victim's last moments. But who will believe her? Certainly not the police, who must rely on hard evidence. Nor her husband, who barely tolerates Chelsea's newfound Christian faith. Besides, he's about to hire the man who Chelsea is certain is the killer to be a vice president in his company.Torn between what she knows and the burden of proof, Chelsea must follow God's leading and trust him for protection. Meanwhile, the murderer is at liberty. And he's not about to take Chelsea's involvement lying down. "

Why I want to read this:  This author was recommended to me by a trusted friend and fellow reviewer.  I have always liked suspense so this should be a great book to curl up with one night.

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 Skip Beat!, Vol. 30 
Skip Beat Vol 30

Summary: "Show biz is sweet, but revenge is sweeter!Kyoko Mogami followed her true love Sho to Tokyo to support him while he made it big as an idol. But he's casting her out now that he's famous! Kyoko won't suffer in silence--she's going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!

Ren’s new cast mate Taira Murasame used to be a biker, and he sees show biz as just another gang to get to the top of. Normally Ren would have no problem dealing with a punk, but his role as BJ requires him to tap his darkest depths. When Murasame and Ren have to fight on camera, can Ren remember that it’s only acting?!"

**NOTE: This is part of a series and a Japanese Manga that reads Right to Left

Why I want to read:  I love this series so far!  If you enjoy romantic comedies this is a perfect series.  The art is well done, a fun story line and it will be a quick read! 

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Bone Key (Supernatural, #3) 
Supernatural: Bone Key (3)

Summary: "Twenty-two years ago, Sam and Dean Winchester lost their mother to a mysterious and demonic supernatural force. In the years after, their father, John, taught them about the paranormal evil that lives in the dark corners and on the back roads of America . . . and he taught them how to kill it.
Sam and Dean are headed for Key West, Florida, home to Hemingway, hurricanes, and a whole lot of demons. The tropical town has so many ghouls on the loose that one of its main moneymakers has long been a series of ghost tours. But the tours are no more, not since one of the guides was found dead of an apparent heart attack . . . his face frozen in mid-scream. No one knows what horrors he saw, but the Winchester brothers are about to find out.
Soon they'll be face-to-face with the ghosts of the island's most infamous residents, demons with a hidden agenda, and a mysterious ancient power looking for revenge. It's up to Sam and Dean to save the citizens of Key West . . . before the beautiful island is reduced to nothing more than a pile of bones."

Why I want to read this:  I love the series, 'Supernatural'  if you have not seen it, I recommend you do. The books so far are additional adventures Sam and Dean do.  These books are not copied from accual episodes but they add to the overall story.  Action, witty remarks, various supernatural creatures all await in this series and I look forward to continuing.


  1. I love Skip Beat!! It just takes too long for the books to come out, I need to know what happens ;P

    1. I fully agree! I am such an impatient person when it comes to waiting for sequels on a series I love.


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