Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Very Simple Crime

A Very Simple Crime 
A Very Simple Crime


An interesting yet crude book. The book focuses primarily on a man named Adam Lee. He married a woman who has serious psychological issues. They have a son with mental issues who spends several years in an institution for violence. One weekend he takes his son home from the institution for a weekend at home. That same weekend he leaves on an affair getaway. When he returns, his wife is found dead. Adam turns to his brother, Monty, for his legal help as a lawyer. Monty then involves another attorney, a has-been who let a murderer go free once. From there we have our two main suspects, The son and Adam. Or someone else?
One thing I must say is that every character in this book has serious issues. Some more than others. The book is written primarily in from a first person perspective from Adam. I liked the perspective but hated the character from early on. Too many issues of his own, let alone his wife and kid. The book does have you guessing some at who the murderer is which was good. What I didn't care for was the crude style of writing. From language, to sex to how every male in the book views woman as crap basically. So the book had its good and bad.

I won this book free as a First Reads Giveaway on Goodreads.  So thank you Grant Jerkins for hosting the giveaway for your book!


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