Friday, March 15, 2013

Heart of the Beast

Heart of the Beast  
Heart of the Beast

A werewolf romance...ah, how sweet!  Carla Cassidy took a basic romance story and added a couple twists to better engage her readers.  I am not normally a fan of silhouette's romance novels but I guess the shadow books may be alright.  This one was at least.
The book focuses on  a young woman, Bonnie, who just lost her mother and now want the connect with the only family she has: her father.  She has not seen or heard from him about 20 years.  Upon her mothers passing, she tires to reach out to him, only to be rejected.  Suddenly she gets a new letter asking her to visit him at the Institute he runs.  But not all is as it seems.  The first couple days, she learns the townspeople are unhappy or even scared of the Institute and those that are there. Her father is always away in him labs...and then there is Nicholas.  A mysterious man she is instantly attracted to.  One guess as to what he is....
While the story is very predictable, and typical for a standard romance novel, I do have to give the author credit for the slightly darker, mysterious setting.  It made for a more interesting read. Not a great book but still a fun, one-time read. 

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