Friday, March 30, 2018

Can I Read a Series in a Month? 2018 Challenge 
Runs the entire month of April!

Hi!  So I have been working on my series completion/progress lately and found this.  I tried it last year, and it fell apart miserably!  So lets try again!

I am not swearing into a specific series 100%.  I have a few options (one being the one I had hoped to do last year) that I am leaving myself open to.  The final factor will be a combination of  what fits best with another reading challenge I on Goodreads (UNO!) but also what grabs my interest and that I feel most like devouring. These are my options:




Image result for patricia wrede dealing with dragons series


  1. That's smart, not committing to one series right off the bat. Good luck and I hope you enjoy whichever series you end up reading.

    1. WIth the other challenges I am going this month it would have ruined my chances here or possibly with one of them if I did since they are changing almost daily so figured it would be better to be prepared. :) Thanks!


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