Monday, June 19, 2017

How readers can stay cool this summer

If you are like me and live on the western side of the US, you are likely going through one insanely hot week. And I am not a summer person.  I don't do hot weather.  When it gets too hot, I can't focus on a book and read.  I can't do much of anything.  I just sit on the couch doing nothing.  If you have a good air conditioner it isn't too bad but if you cannot afford one, or the electric bull gets too high here are a few alternative ways to cool down and carry on with that book you are reading.

1. Drink lots of cold water.  Boring but true and best thing to do.

2. Take a washcloth, get it heavily damp (soak and wring out) and stick it in the freezer (in a bad is advisable) for 20-45 min then use on skin to cool down.  Can also us hand towel and wrap around your neck or head. 

3.  If you have long hair pull it away from you body, also get your hair wet and then sit near a fan to read.

4. Frozen treats.  I love otter pops.  They are cheap  (mere pennies each) and chilling.  Also frozen fruit for a healthy alternative.  Other fun things are to make smoothies, slushies or snow cones!  These are all easy to enjoy while you read.

5. Fill up a tub with cold water and turn into a mini pool of you don't have one.  You can jump in, grab a book and cool down. 

6.  Leave the house for a couple hours and visit a diner or coffee shop.  This is great when they are slow.  Most coffee shops or diners won't care how long you are there as long as you order a drink (maybe n appetizer at a diner).  Grab a friend even and just curl on in a high powered air conditioned place and read.  As long as you spend some money, and it is not busy you can often stay at least an hour, some places all afternoon.

7.  Have a hand fan.  Hold the book with one hand, wave with the other. The direct air hit should help you feel cooler.

What are some tricks and ideas you have to stay cool and keep reading in the summer heat?

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