Thursday, April 4, 2013

Turn of the Millenium Challenge

Turn of the Millenium Challenge

The number of books you have to read for each of the years is the number corresponding for that year and must be published within that year.
Example for 2001-read 1 book, 2002= 2 books, etc.  Simply Read the correct amount of books published within each year.  This can be an ongoing challenge so that in 2016, 2017 etc you can add more books.  For now, I will plan to  keep this up until 2020

I am taking this challenge, like so many others, from a group I belong on Goodreads.  Many challenges I sign up for are from this group.  However I did tweak the challenge title and made it indefinitely ongoing.

No  young children/picture books or graphic novels allowed.  Books here are 150 pages minimum.
Challenge started 1/8/13. 

**These are just the first books I read for the years since I started them.  Not favorites of that year or anything!**

2016: 0/16

2015: 15/15 DONE!

2014: 14/14 DONE!

2013: 13/13 DONE!

2012: 12/12 DONE!

2011: 11/11 DONE!

2010: 10/10 DONE!

2009: 9/9 DONE!!

2008: 7/8

2007: 4/7

2006: 1/6

2005: 2/5

2004: 0/4

2003: 1/3

2002: 2/2 DONE!

2001: 1/1 DONE!

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