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Welcome ! This is a weekly blog post that will share 3 books I have on my to-read list.  My goal is to read, or at least start, one  or more of them between today and the following Friday.  Books may be fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels or anything else that might by fun or interesting to read.  Feel free to join me in any of them, discuss them, suggest future reads, etc.

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Summary:  "Thirteen creepy, atmospheric stories by Rayne Hall, all set in Britain.

This collection contains the following horror stories: Take me to St Roch's, Seagulls, Never Leave Me, Double Rainbows, Scruples, Through the Tunnel, The Devil You Know, I Dived the Pandora, Four Bony Hands, Beltane, Druid Stones, Burning
Only a Fool.

These stories are more creepy than gory, but they may be disturbing and are not recommended for young readers without parental guidance.

They have been previously published in magazines, ezines, collections and anthologies. Some are also included in the Six Scary Tales books.

British English. ""-Taken from Smashwords

Why I want to Read this:  I love spooky stories!    Set me on the edge of my bed late at night, goosebumps rising.    While this looks to be an easy read it also looks promising.  I love books that can give me the chills.  So bring it on!

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Summary:  At last in one volume the eight original installments of the epic Lost Tribe of the Sith eBook series . . . along with the explosive, never-before-published finale, Pandemonium—more than one hundred pages of new material!

Five thousand years ago. After a Jedi ambush, the Sith mining ship Omen lies wrecked on a remote, unknown planet. Its commander, Yaru Korsin, battles the bloodshed of a mutinous faction led by his own brother. Marooned and facing death, the Sith crew have no choice but to venture into their desolate surroundings. They face any number of brutal challenges—vicious predators, lethal plagues, tribal people who worship vengeful gods—and like true Sith warriors, counter them with the dark side of the Force.

The struggles are just beginning for the proud, uncompromising Sith, driven as they are to rule at all costs. They will vanquish the primitive natives, and they will find their way back to their true destiny as rulers of the galaxy. But as their legacy grows over thousands of years, the Sith ultimately find themselves tested by the most dangerous threat of all: the enemy within.”

Why I want to Read this: Star Wars!!!  As you can probably tell I am a SW fan.  Regardless, I actually have started the first book in the collection on my kindle, but when I went to find the second next in the series, I found this instead.    
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Summary:   "Packed with action, romance and historical intrigue, Rurouni Kenshin is one of the most beloved and popular manga series worldwide. Set against the backdrop of the Meiji Restoration, it tells the saga of Himura Kenshin, once an assassin of ferocious power, now a humble rurouni, a wandering swordsman fighting to protect the honor of those in need. A hundred and fifty years ago in Kyoto, amid the flames of revolution, there arose a warrior, an assassin of such ferocious power he was given the title Hitokiri: Manslayer. With his bloodstained blade, Hitokiri Battosai helped close the turbulent Bakumatsu period and end the reign of the shoguns, slashing open the way toward the progressive Meiji Era.  Then he vanished, and with the flow of years became legend.
In the 11th year of Meiji, in the middle of Tokyo, the tale begins. Himura Kenshin, a humble rurouni, or wandering swordsman, comes to the aid of Kamiya Kaoru, a young woman struggling to defend her father's school of swordsmanship against attacks by the infamous Hitokiri Battosai. But neither Kenshin nor Battosai are quite what they seem..."
Why I want to read this:  Action, adventure, comedy and some light romance! The back story to Kenshin from Samurai X (anime) was incredible.  I started the anime series and then it turns out that it is also one of  my group reads of the month.  So I hope the manga series is just as good if not better than the anime.   I actually hope to read Vols 1-5 this week.
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So there you have them.  My top books to read this next week.  It is a bit themed with 2/3 being short stories and the manga's are quick reads too and I am going for 5 of them... Oh well.  

So what are you planning to read next?

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