Monday, July 18, 2016

On Hiatus

This blog is on hiatus.  I do not know how long or if it is permanent.  Various things have contributed to this.  But mainly that I am overwhelmed and short on time.  I have been dragging this blog through the mud basically for the past year, not able to devout the time is needs and deserves.  It was taking 20+ hours a week just to promote, fix/edit posts errors and coding, write posts/reviews, comment, etc.  My reading has been cut in half!  My family and friends have suffered as well, spending less time with me.  It isn't fair to them.  Plus I am enjoying reading less than I used to.  Books have sat unread on my shelf for years due to trying (and failing) to keep up with review books and newer titles.  And it seemed I was still always behind which just stressed me out.

I will still be around the community, on twitter, and especially goodreads.  I will be visiting other blogs more and still be a part of the community.  But for right now I just do not have the time, energy or drive to keep up posts here right now.  I have more fun just chatting about the books versus formal reviews and having to post oh so often to keep a flow of traffic.  I rarely have been visiting other blogs and commenting and I hate that and want to get back into it again.

If things in life settle down or I miss blogging too much I will come back and in the meanwhile lets keep in touch via social media.

 To authors and publishers who I have yet to read and review your book, I still do short reviews on Goodreads and reviews will still go up on Amazon, but I cannot promise how quickly as I  am adjusting and re-balancing my reading habits to include unfinished series, older titles, books that have been neglected on my shelves for too long etc. 


  1. There is nothing worse than when it all feels like a chore so you are doing the right thing. Have some time to yourself and with family and find some fun again. Hopefully I'll see you over on Goodreads where I am chucklesthescot. Take care *hugs*

  2. Definitely take time for yourself! You're in good company- making blogging a job or chore, instead of a fun past-time, absolutely kills the motivation. Good on you for prioritizing the more important things, and I'm glad I'll be able to continue reading your book review on Goodreads.


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