Monday, November 2, 2015

MANGA REVIEW: Voice Over Vol 4 by Maki Minami

Voice Over!: Seiyu Academy, Vol. 4 (Voice Over!, #4) 
Voice Over, Vol 4
by Maki Minami
Genre(s): Graphic Novel, Manga
Pages: 192
Published: April 2014
Publisher: Viz Media

Summary:  "Hime Kino's dream is to one day do voice acting like her hero Sakura Aoyama from the Lovely Blazer anime, and getting accepted to the prestigious Holly Academy's voice actor department is the first step in the right direction! But Hime's gruff voice has earned her the scorn of teachers and students alike. Hime will not let that stand unchallenged. She'll show everyone that she is too a voice acting princess, whether they like it or not!!

After days of grueling training at Yamad's special voice acting retreat, Hime can finally bring forth her prince voice! Now she's ready to start her next job as a recurring character in an exciting new anime. But her first day on the set doesn't go as she'd hoped. Why do her costars and the producers seem to hate her when they just met her?!"

Review: Hime's new role has her voicing an animated cat!  She is to be the sidekick to the anime's main character.  A larger role than she is used to and that her some of her co-workers feel she is ready for.  To prepare for the role she decides to study up on cat behavior and takes some interesting cues from the famous cat owner, Senri.

I loved getting a better glimpse into Senri's character.  It's nice to see him as a human being.  As Hime's friendship beings to grow with her costars we get to see some interesting turns it looks like this story will be taking.  I felt this volume to be very illuminating on what to expect in future volumes.

The more I read this series, the more it grows on me, especially as the characters grow and mature.  I love the character's expressions in this volume in particular.  So far, so good on this series!

*I was given a copy of this manga in exchange for a fair/honest review.  All opinions expressed are strictly my own* 

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  1. I have either the first two or three books, but don't know if I will continue or not. I didn't like it like I thought I would. I have Special A by Maki as well, but have only watched it as anime. I did really like the anime!


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