Monday, May 25, 2015

Blog Temporarily Out of Order

Hi everyone,
  As some may have noticed I have been quiet the past week.  That is because my computer fried it's hard-drive.  Saw the evil blue screen of death.  SO it is in the shop being completely baked up, wiped and re put together.  I should have it hack later this week.  I will be a bit behind on everything for awhile.  I will have lost all bookmarks and favs for sites and htlm coding I use (not to mention other sites) etc so I might not be posting much in the next week or so.

  This is also because I want to get the blog cleaned up some.  I am WAY behind on the archive, tags, responding to comments, etc.  So I will be spending some extra time there for the rest on May and early June.  Once my computer is back I do still plan on other post but not too many.

  As some may habe noticed my tour participation, or interviews, etc have been non-existant lately.  Once things are caught up plan on seeing those once again, likely starting up in July.  With a bit of luck and free time, maybe sooner.  Life has just been very busy lately and certain things take a higher priority then over-coordinating my schedule.  Now that things are smoothing out I will have a bit of space to cram  something fun in for you.

Thanks for bearing with me!


  1. I'm very sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll be back soon!

  2. Yikes, sorry to hear about your computer's hard drive is friend! I dread the blue screen of death!! Hopefully, we'll see you back blogging in full swing soon.

    I've nominated you for the Blogger Recognition Award. See the following link for more information:

  3. My laptop has died on me as well (went back to the old school desktop computer)


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