Friday, February 7, 2014

TGIF Weekly 29

T . G. I. F.  Weekly 

 Hi everyone!  So, Last week no one voted.  So no featured review was made this week.   Where did all my manga fans go last week?  Or did I just have bad options?  

Anyways, going to do things a bit differently this week.  I have been prepping several reviewss that are about ready to be shared and I want to get them up.  What I want from everyone this week is to simply comment with what genres you would like to see reviews for over the next  7 days!  I make no promises that I have  review ready for your genre of choice so mentioning two or tree may be a good idea.  Based on comment response is what  types of reviews go up. I want to get up at least 3 this week!   So let me know what are you in the mood for this coming week?


Also, be sure to vote in the poll to your right  and check out the giveaways I have starting Feb 8th!!!



  1. Any fairy tale retellings? Oddly specific so perhaps not, but I'd settle for a good old fantasy or manga!

    1. Just posted Beastly review up the other day for you! Also I will be posting a manga review tomorrow!


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