Friday, February 28, 2014

Challenge Wrap-Up for Feb 2014

So, I forgot to do this for January so this is my post for both January and February for the wrap ups of all my posts.

However, before I start on those I am announcing a new challenge I joined this month 

As a new blogger I got in over my head last year with eArcs.  Mostly from Netgalley.  I requested a whole lot thinking as a new book blogger I will maybe get 1/20 if lucky.  Hah!  Over half my requests were approved and that meant trouble.  I am trying to get out of the hole I dug and hope this will help.  I am starting off as a Gold level which means I need to read at least 50 books from these two eArc sites.   I really hope to increase that but real life this year has me taking baby steps in my reading promises.

 So thus far this year I have only read and reviewed 1 book from them.   Please note I have read a few more but need to get reviews up here still. What I have read/reviewed toward this challenge:

Star Wars: Legacy II, Vol. 1: Prisoner of the Floating World  

And now for the other challenges.  Please note, some challenge books can overlap with other challenges. 

2 books so far this year out of 50+.
 Star Wars: Legacy II, Vol. 1: Prisoner of the Floating WorldAtlas   

Again, I have read a few others but reviews are not up yet.  I still have some older reviews from books I read in Dec 2013 to get up and those were my focus for Feb. 


My goal is for this was to finish 5-10 series this year.  Again, books must be reviewed to count.  I just finished 1 book and still need to get the review up but so that you know I finished  ARCHENEMY by FRANK BEDDOR.


I just finished several manga but still need to get the reviews up so none toward the official count yet but I have read. So once again the Star Wars Legacy Comic shown above is the only one I have.

So...Bottom line, I need to get REVIEWING.  I have read over 15 books that can count toward various challenges  but need to get those reviews up.  Now that 2013 reviews are almost done, I will get more new reviews out in March.  I also resolve to get more reviews out.  This has been a rough month for getting much time on my computer to post reviews but I have a bit here over the next couple weeks so hope to get more out and maybe even get a few scheduled for those off weeks :)

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