Saturday, February 6, 2016

Stacking the Shelves 98

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews, every Weekend. This is to share books I have acquired from various sources. Physical books & ebooks both are welcome. If its something being sent to me by mail, I will not mention it until I actually receive it. 
So here is most of January's books I got.  Few more, plus the final swaps I will ever make on bookmooch but I will share those hopefully next time.  I was really sick all week and still not doing well.  
On the plus side, I was able to start participating int he famous ostpsecretsister!   Very excited about that and spent hours looking into my new sister and learning about her and her interests.  So that is where most of my time has gone.  

I finally started writing up posts and reviews again, so expect to start seeing those again.  Keeping posts limited so I *hopefully* don't have any more dead weeks.  Still, lots more stuff to catch up and share.


For Review

The Glass CastleFuture ShockWorld of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1Broken Dolls (Broken Dolls, #1)The Nowhere EmporiumEtiquette Guide to Japan: Know the Rules That Make the Difference!The Stopped Heart: A NovelGood Girls  

Friday, February 5, 2016

Favorites Giveaway Hop-2016

Any Book that I consider a "Favorite"  To keep is more open, any book I have rated 4 or 5 stars on Goodreads!  Up to $15 from  The Book Depository OR 1 ebook via Amazon or B&N. 

Here are just a few ideas (but not limited to these) that are recent enjoyments:

 The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines, #4)Blood of My Blood (Jasper Dent, #3)Born of Treasure (Treasure Chronicles #2)Red Rising (Red Rising Trilogy, #1)

Giveaway is International

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Romance is in the Air Giveaway Hop-INT

romance is in the air hop 2016 
 Any romantic book.  Does not have to specifically be a romance but the romantic theme within the book must be a strong focus -Up to $15 from  The Book Depository OR 1 ebook via Amazon or B&N.  As a bonus, I will be picking out one addition surprise book to toss in, based on your choice and comment recommendations.
Here are just a few ideas (but not limited to these)
 Alienated (Alienated, #1)Cruel Beauty (Cruel Beauty Universe #1)Once Upon a Prince (Royal Wedding, #1)Shadow Bound (Shadow, #1)EnvyThe Selection (The Selection, #1)

Giveaway is International

Manga Review: Crimson Spell Vol 3 by Ayano Yamane

Crimson Spell Bd. 3 
Crimson Spell Volume 3
by Ayano Yamane
Genre(s): Manga, Graphic Novel
Pages: 180
Published:  Sept 2009 (Japanese) & April 2014 (English) 
Publisher: Sublime
Official Blurb:  "Prince Vald continues his journey with the sorcerer Halvi, seeking a means to break the curse that causes him to transform into a demon at night. But enemies looking to take the power of Vald’s cursed sword for themselves bewitch Halvi in an attempt to make him fight the young prince! Forced to the brink, Halvi makes a crucial choice.

Reads R to L (Japanese Style) for mature audiences."
Review:  Oh Vald, when you are in demon form, you need to come with a warning! Not only is demon Vald hot but he is also dangerous! 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Task in Tuesday-Week 4 of 2016

Task it Tuesday For a bit about what this is go check out Michelle at Because Reading or to understand what I am setting this up as check out my first post.   Basically if I have it crossed off, I finished it this past week.  Items in red are a week old and now "past due."  I Spaced a bit under each category before adding new tasks for the week.  Old tasks carry over until completed.  The exception is the fun spot at the bottom.  Those aren't red as there are no expectations for completion.  Just a stronger focus over other fun things.

This was not my week.  I didn't do one iota on my blog.  I did visit a few others and was social on twitter but blog posts or improvements? Nope?  Housework projects? Nope-barely kept up with the basics. I have come down with a nasty, nasty cold that has led to bronchitus.  I feel crappy.  So I have been lazy.  To top it off, crazy weather has my sinuses not knowing how to react so I am stuffy as heck ans since on antibiotics I can't take anything for the sinus issues!  Gah!! So lazy week, not much has changed since the last post.

This month, I want to continue to focus on my "spring cleaning,"  hopefully moving out toward the yard and basement soon.  Also, in reading my focus is shifting to finishing older books I have started but never finished (usually because I have had to return them to the library and never checked them back out.  Well, I want to get them finished this month!


  • Write/post 4 reviews  
  •  2 Discussion/other Post (meme styles don't count)
  •  Get STS post up to date
  • Catalog all January ebooks I have received/purchases onto Goodreads shelf.  
  • Finish getting Archive, Genres And Guest Interview pages up to date   
  • Catalog 200+ books I own  
  •  Write/post 2 reviews
  • 1  discussion/other (non meme post)
  • Update "about me" and policy page
  • Catalog another 100 books I own

  • Read Eragon
  • Read Sierra Jensen series Bks 2-12  (read bk 2)
  • Read The Fiery Heart
  • Read Open Minds
  • Read Happily Ever After 
  • Read 2 manga (read 1)
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