Sunday, July 5, 2015

MANGA REVIEW: Rosario+Vampire Vol 7, by Akihisa Ikeda

Rosario+Vampire, Vol. 7 (Rosario+Vampire, #7)  

Rosario+Vampire Volume 7

by Akihisa Ikeda

Genre(s): Manga, Graphic Novel

Pages: 200

Published: Nov 2007 (Japanese Edition)

June 2009 (English)

Publisher: Viz Media

Official Summary:  "All-around average teenager Tsukune can't get accepted to any high school save one...but on his first day he finds the rest of the student body doesn't appear average in the least. Best of all, the cutest girl on campus can't wait to fling her arms around his neck! Wait a sec'--are those her teeth around his neck too...? Tsukune's going to have one heck of a hickey when he gets home from Monster High! But does he have a chance in H E double hockey sticks of raising his grades at a school where the turf war isn't between the jocks and the nerds but the vampires and the werewolves?"



This has been such a fun series. Action packed, funny, light-hearted, yet a true show of friendship. There are so many unique characters in this series so far. Everybook brings at least one (not to mention the regular cast). Check out the official summary. Although it is a generic summary for every volume so far, it does a good job of what the series is.

**WARNING-If you have not read previous volumes, this may contain spoilers for you!**

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just Couldn't Put it Down! July 2015 Giveaway Hop-INTERNATIONAL

I love it when a book just sucks me in and doesn't let go.  While it can kill me energy level staying up late into the night or drive my husband nuts.  Sometimes it is the pace that keeps me going, other times it is the urge to know what is next, and often it the that the book is JUST THAT GREAT!

Here are a few books that have been impossible or really hard to put down (usually work, or passing out). that I have read in the past year for various reasons.  The winner of this giveaway can pick any two of these books to win OR one book of their choice (up to $15) from The book Depository. For these books, if they are part of a series, you can pick any book in the series! OPEN INT!!!

Game by Barry LygaThe Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3)The Heir (The Selection, #4)Everbound by Brodi AshtonCity of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)The Scorch Trials (Maze Runner, #2)

Stacking the Shelves 86

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews, every Weekend. This is to share books I have acquired from various sources. Physical books & ebooks both are welcome. If its something being sent to me by mail, I will not mention it until I actually receive it. 

So I thought this would be a shorter post but then I had a bit too much book fun this week.   I think I am going to have to go on a book ban soon.  Or at least a limitation.  I will think how best to play it out over this next week and share some plan next week. Especially since I lave a large library pickup next week, plus more I still just did not get to due to technical difficulty.  

So with how many books I am listing, I challenge you to find at least 1 new book to add to your TBR on this post!

OH, I also want to say sorry for some formatting errors that may be ahead.  For some reason, colors and fonts kept changing and things weren't pasting (or not showing until later)  I spent over 10 hour on this post trying to straighten out whatever the heck blogger or my computer was doing but I only have so much time.  So be warned, oddities may be ahead! I tried to catch them all but I have to go to work in less than 8 hours so I need sleep!


  for Review
The Dogs
"Cameron and his mom have been on the run for five years. His father is hunting them. At least, that’s what Cameron’s been told.

When they settle in an isolated farmhouse, Cameron starts to see and hear things that aren’t possible. Soon he’s questioning everything he thought he knew and even his sanity.

What's hiding in the night? Buried in the past? Cameron must uncover the dark secrets before they tear him apart."

The Darkling Child (The Defenders of Shannara #2)  "From New York Times bestselling author Terry Brooks—the second stand-alone Shannara novel in the Defenders of Shannara series, following The High Druid’s Blade, easily accessible to new readers.

Paxon Leah has joined the Druid Order as a paladin, tasked with protecting the Druids with the aid of his magical sword. But Paxon’s toughest assignment will come when he must track down a young musician with newly-manifested magic before a rival sorcerer can corrupt the boy."

Fable: Blood of Heroes"The official companion novel to the videogame Fable® Legends

Deep in Albion’s darkest age, long before once upon a time . . . Heroes are thought to be gone from the land. So why have the bards begun singing of them once more? For Fable newcomers and dedicated fans alike, Blood of Heroes delves into a never-before-glimpsed era, telling the tale of a band of adventurers who come together to defend a kingdom in desperate need.

The city of Brightlodge is awash with Heroes from every corner of Albion, all eager for their next quest. When someone tries to burn down the Cock and Bard inn, four Heroes find themselves hastily thrown together, chasing outlaws through sewers, storming a riverboat full of smugglers, and placing their trust in a most unlikely ally. As the beginnings of a deadly plot are revealed, it becomes clear that Heroes have truly arrived—and so have villains.

What connects the recent events in Brightlodge to rumors about a malicious ghost and a spate of unsolved deaths in the nearby mining town of Grayrock? Unless Albion’s bravest Heroes can find the answer, the dawn of a new age could be extinguished before it even begins."

Friday, July 3, 2015

REVIEW: Godspeed by February Grace



Genre(s):  Romance, Steampunk
Pages: 204
Published: April 2012 
Publisher: Booktrope

Official Summary:  ""What is a heart if not the ultimate clockwork?"

Abigail’s young life was saved by the kindness of strangers: Schuyler Algernon, the man who found her collapsed on cold city streets, and Quinn Godspeed, the doctor who risked everything by breaking the law to keep her fragile heart beating.

As the truth about what she’s become and her feelings for her savior overtake her, Abigail is forced to ask what constitutes life, living, and what dark secrets are contained within Godspeed’s past and the walls of Schuyler’s house."

Review:  This was a slow, sweet historical novel with a bit of romance and a slight dash of steampunk. While not at all what I expected, it was very enjoyable nonetheless.

Our protagonist in this story is a young woman who has lost her father to a rare plague, and suffers some severe side effects herself from this same plague, is removed from the only home she has ever known and is left wandering the streets of the city when her ailment causes her to lose consciousness. She wakes up in the care of Schuyler who calls in his friend, the mysterious Dr. Quinn Godspeed. Days (weeks?) later she awakens to find herself attached to a machine that is keeping her heart pumping.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Discuss! What happened to the swap sites?

     I used to love swapping all my Arcs or new release books on sites like YA Book exchange or offering them  at Arcycling, etc but in the past 6 months they are gone.  There is a goodreads swap group but that seems fairly inactive as well and is only for arcs not yet released. 

     Did you ever use these sites, or others similar?  What are you now doing with your Arcs?   I am not sure what to do with mine.  I could do a giveaway (which I do once in awhile) but cannot usually afford international shipping so I usually feel bad for those of you who aren't in the US for these.  Plus trades are a great way to get a few titles I haven't read.  

     Any ideas on what to do or what you wish the community would have?  Is there anything actively running that does something with Arcs, nor newer released titles that you know of?
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