Friday, June 21, 2013

Debate Time-Is GFC staying or going this summer?

Debate Time!

So, I want opinions.  Is GFC staying or going with Google reader?   I have heard both being they are connected but that they are still separate programs.  I have heard nor seem anything from Google itself however.   What do you think will happen?  

Also, what is your favorite way to follow?  What option(s) to follow do you like least (or not use at all)? 


  1. It's convoluted and confusing, but my understanding is that while they are linked somewhere in the back-end, GFC will survive the death of Google reader. Probably. :)

    I've incorporated Linky, but honestly don't use it myself to follow blogs. It's not integrated with my day-to-day surfing, and is too dependent on manual updates.

    Bloglovin is my top contender to replace GFC, should the need arise. Quick and easy, and it integrates with Facebook, but doesn't require it (like Networked Blogs).

    1. I am with you. I don't see it leaving but just in case, I moved blogs I follow over to Bloglovin. Thanks for the input :)

  2. I haven't seen anything about GFC either, and I hope not to, as it is what I use mainly for following as well. I also have Linky, but don't ever use it. I have Bloglovin, and would use it if GFC went away. I also use Networked blogs because it will show up when I'm on Facebook, so that is nice.

    1. GFC is my favorite as it takes me straight to the link, I am not going through a third party browser that may lose the page I am viewing if my internet crashes. I don't care for Linky myself. I have it, but I basically ignore it. Thanks for your thoughts. :)


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