Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tracking all those re-reads

Do you like to re-read books?  I do not re-read everything but I do like to re- go through my favorites from time to time.  For that I am so happy Goodreads has added a function for when you have read a book multiple times. It is great to just go in and switch your book back to "currently reading"  then "read" once again when you finish and have it easily count.

Before I always fought myself on do I change the date so ti shows I read another book that year, but then takes it off a previous year, or use another addition but I always felt that shows a strong inaccuracy of books I have read which I did not feel was fair.  Or just leave it alone.  I hated the dilemma.  

Now it is no longer an issue!  Goodreads just tracks the dates and times read.  I have wanted this for several years on there now.  ALthouhg I am not going back through all my old books just to sort and date them all.  Too much.  BUt this year forward, my books read count will be accurate and will not hinder my previous years now unfairly bolster my books read shelf.  

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Do you like the new function on Goodreads?  How did you used to track your books read?

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