Thursday, May 4, 2017

I'm Ba-ack!!

Hi everyone, sorry for being away so long!

So I am back, at least a bit.  I am going to be taking things a lot easier though.  And some changes.

Less reviews and lighter style.  Reviews will likely be shirter min-reviews.  I will likely even group a few together.  Maybe more like a weekly or bi-weekly what I have read and my thoughts on them.  I am hoping for more bookish discussions but I don't know what style or how often.  Honestly I am just going to see how this goes.

Possibly a bit more movie, tv or video game talks or mini reviews.  Just as things strike me.  Or other interests.  Maybe as a comparison, maybe part of the post of what I have been reading.  I am not sure yet.

Things like readathons will likely be found here still.  Top ten tuesdays or oher fun memes sporadically tossed in.  While I love Stacking the Shleves I won't be doing those all the time anymore.  Nor sharing every book I get.  If you want that follow me on Goodreads.  Now once in a while I might share a few on a freebies post or a special buy or sale or otspsecretsister stuff but that is about it. 

 I am not going to respond to every comment.  If you have a question (want more details) or shared thoughts that leave it open for a discussion, great.  But a simple "Great review" or "I agree" etc especially no.  Engage with me and I will try to engage back.  Also I am no longer trying to catch up on past comments.  If you made on before today and I never responded, sorry.  Fresh start! I will be instead trying to spend more time commenting on other blogs, vlogs, goodreads and social media. 

I MIGHT starting a vlog up.  I tried 1 video once but stopped.  I am not sure if I will or not. Lots to debate and try there.

I am not changing the colors, banner or layout of this blog.  I am not very tech savvy.  It took an insane amount of hours to get it like this.   I might do a small tweak here and there but in general it is what it is.  Unless someone is kind enough or wants practice to create a new look.  I might give that a shot.  But I don't have the money to do so.  My money goes toward the books and my time goes to reading them and the posts.That's it for now. 

Blog tours, giveaways etc will be a lot more rare.  I don't have the money to host giveaways, I am tired of getting too many emails for tour offers and honestly no one hardly looks at tour posts it seems.  I won't say never but not very often.

This blog is not going to even try to focus on the latest, greatest books.  If you are  only looking to read or discuss new releases this isn't the place.  I will have a mix of new and old (some older than me lol) and everything in between.  I read a wide variety so you never know what you'll.  This is not going to be a small niche blog.  I am backing way way way of on taking on review books.  I have so many I fell behind on from Edelweiss, Netgalley, not to mention gifts, freebie ebooks, swaps and purchases.  I have so many books to read-adding on new ones isn't for me.  Once in a while sure.  Especially as I catch up more.  And I still buy books and might not be able to wait til I get home to read it (hehe).   But as a general rule reaidn can be whatever strikes my fancy in the moment.  No more pressures. 

Well that is about it for now.  Basically- ANYTHING GOES!  We'll see what happens.  I might post often, or just once a month.  I don't know yet.    Also, I talk, post chat and share different things on various social media- so if you want more than is offered here, or more variety-check me out (links on the right)

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