Saturday, May 27, 2017

A mini self-inflicted reading ban?! Am I crazy?!

So while I have started back up n here, you may have noticed a lack of content so far.  Well part is that I am taking it easy on here, part lack of free time.  But the biggest thing is obvious if you look at my Goodreads profile.  I have hardly read anything all month.  I can't even think when the last time was that I read so little!

I am not in a slump. I have been switching up my bookish focus for a few weeks.  Instead of reading, I have been cleaning out my shelves, donating old books, starting to list the many books I have, reshelving books, etc. While I still have a lot of listing and some reorganizing to still do I feel so much better about the state of my books.  This has been long overdue.  But come June 1st I am reading with a  vengeance!  I am doing several fun challenges (will post more on some of those soon) to kick it all off with.

Here is to a great month of reading to come!!


  1. I like the idea of taking time to winnow the collection, and reset your reading focus, before getting it all up and running again. Plus, reorganizing bookshelves is always fun. :) Good luck!

    1. Well I made a dent in the shelves at least. I have a long way to go still but probably won't do too much in the summer. It gets too hot out there ans since I have no portable air conditioner spending more than 20 minutes or so gets overwhelmingly hot when it is high 90s or worse.


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