Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday 22


Top Ten Favorite TV Shows
Well, I am cheating a bit on this week.  Time it very tight so to analyze them to favorites just isn't happening.  So here are the first 12* (I couldn't pick just ten)shows I am enjoying (or previously enjoyed) that came to mind right away. 


So what are some of your favorite shows? 

Also, I have a BUNCH of giveaways going on right now!  The full list is in the top right column but here are some of them:


  1. Oh my gosh! you watch kdramas...! Boys over flowers is the first kdrama I watched and I love it!! Its one of my favorites. Its so nice to see someone else enjoy it as well!

  2. I love Fullmetal Alchemist. I can't wait to watch Game of Thrones, but I want to read the books first. Thank you for visiting my blog! (=

  3. Great choices, I loved Lost and love Supernatural, they're so creative and different from everything else.

  4. OUAT is awesome! I can't wait until the next season!!! And i love Supernatural, thanks for checking out my blog :)

  5. Supernatural is so good! And what I've seen so far of Game of Thrones is also amazing. :)

  6. I do love SPN too. And Xena! It was on Netflix for a while, but now it isn't. Booo.

  7. Ahhh, Bones is great. I need to watch Supernatural!


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