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Star Wars-In the Shadow of Yavin (review)

Star Wars, Volume 1: In the Shadow of Yavin 
Star Wars:  In the Shadow of Yavin (1)
{Star Wars -Dark Horse #1-6}

By Brian Wood
& Carlos D'Anda

Genre: Comic, Sci-Fi
Published Oct 2013
Pages: 152
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Summary:   "In the wake of the Death Star's destruction, the Empire seems to anticipate and thwart all moves by the struggling Rebel Alliance - which smells like a spy among the ranks. Princess Leia forms a stealth squadron of her best pilots - including Luke Skywalker - to expose the spy and find the Alliance a safe home. In another part of the galaxy, Han Solo and Chewbacca are on their own mission for the Rebels, but that, too, has been betrayed to the Empire. And, over all, Darth Vader watches..."

Review:  For a Star Wars Comic this was better than several others I have read recently. The Dark Horse Star Wars Comics have always been a favorite but I am an old-school-style comic fan so most comics these days seem to be lacking in my opinion. The comic has the Dark Horse creativity but does seem to have some more modern comic touches. A nice blend for all ages of fans.

This story mainly focuses on Leia, Luke, Wedge and fellow Rebels trying to find a new base after The Battle of Yavin. Luke is portrayed much as he was in the movie 'A New Hope' which is accurate as this takes places just a few weeks after that one ends. Leia, however, is quite different. More kickbutt in personality. Attitude, Flying in combat, etc. While it was fun to read, it was a bit too much for her character. She has always been strong and could generally fly but the stuff she was pulling hear, flying as good as Wedge, just didn't fit right.

The next major storyline we have is Han and Chewbacca doing some intel and trade work on Coruscant and getting a bit over their heads. Also we have a shorter bit with Darth Vader when is is sent off after a demotion. While I liked the Hand and Chewy story, Vader could always use a larger spotlight in my opinion. It seemed to be there mostly for filler on some pages.

Overall, not a bad start to this story arc, but I felt there was not enough there to fully grasp the characters. New, original characters did not stand out very much. I love when they pull 1 or 2 new characters and spotlight them. I saw the opportunity but a lack of execution. Still, the stories were enjoyable, the art was good and still one I will add to my collection and is worthy for Star Wars fans, or any comic fans, to check out.

*Special Thanks to Diamond Book Distrubutors and Dark Horse Comics for an Adobe review copy of this book.  All opinions in this review are strictly my own.


  1. I appreciate the thorough review!

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    1. I try. Sometimes they are less thorough but I hope my reviews are getting better over time.

  2. the storylines sound adventurous


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