Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WW-Read-A-Thon Update 2

So, my goal was to read 5 books and at least 1000 page for this challenge.  
We are currently halfway finished.  
Here is where I stand: 

Currently Grand Total

Books completed: 3
  King Solomon's Wives: SacrificedHappy Marriage ?!, Vol. 02Beastly
Made Progress in: 

The Dominant: The Submissive Trilogy 
Total Pages Read:  471
Overall, on target.  A bit behind on the pages but very close!  
I think I can do it! :)

So, if you are participating, how is you challenge going?  


  1. I have completed 2 books, Smoke and The Long Walk. I am in middle of a third, hoping to get most of it read today.

    Good job ob your goal! Looks like you'll finish, possibly earlier than hoped!

    1. Well done! Hope you get some good reading time in today!

  2. That is wonderful. How did you like Beastly?

    1. Pretty good. They one thing that doesn't fit is how he looked in the movie and even on the book alternate book cover. He is marked and scared but not covered in hair by any means.


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