Monday, April 15, 2013

Ravine 1

Ravine Volume 1 Tp 

Diamond Book Distributors AND Image Comics
Summary: "In a fantastic world far from our own, an ancient magic spell almost split the world in two and left an endless ravine in the north. One man, Nebezial Asheri, driven by the deaths of his wife and daughters, will attempt to reclaim that magic and bring his loved ones back to life. The forces of an entire city, Paladia, will rise to oppose him, but his greatest foes will be a ragtag band of an outcast wizard, a dragonrider, and their allies." 
Review:   First off, I would like to say that the artwork here is INCREDIBLE! I had more fun looking a the characters and dragons than I did reading the story.

The story starts off where the king goes mad and is transformed into a monster, his daughter killed and her love as well. Jump up to an unknown time (which you later find out has been 200 years) to get into the new adventures. We have humans, dragons, mages and other race in this story. The dragons confused me. You have dragons, humans, human/dragons (which interchange with an ability called trueform) and another race that looks like a humanoid dragon. The trueform ability is not explained in the story properly and I had to wait until I was finished to see it explained it the glossary.
I also found a quote I really liked about oaths: "An oath unites people. It represents purpose, determination, and an unbreakable bond of unity." Just the way it was worded. Very nice.


***SPOILER**  I do like that characters chosen that are chosen as wanderers and how their glimlas' are the spirits of the two lovers the died.***
Otherwise the story was okay. A little jumpy and not easy to keep track of who is who and what side everyone is on. Yet the world itself is a neat creation filled with potential.

I am glad there was a glossary and character index at the back. It helped to re-clarify a few gray areas of understanding.

Also, there are some bonus stories about previous Wanderers, the various races and how the dragons came to the world and the first dragonriders. Very cool to read those. Added depth the the setting.

Again, lots of praise for the beautiful artwork!!!

Thank you to Diamond Book Distributors for giving me the chance to read and view this!

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